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COB Led Recessed Lighting

Our recessed lighting models provide two purposes, either provide small depth and wide view angle or deeper depth and smaller view angle to create realistic halogen effect downlighting.
Halolite modular COB led series are available in 7W, 9W and 12W
The fixtures are also modular so they can meet any project also in wet area's up to IP44
Now available with Bridgelux Decor Series COB led, this means higher light output and CRI up to 97, therefore meeting highest LED standard in the market today!

Interior:  click on below product pictures to get PDF

New! Halolite Modular COB Led downlight series, now also available in Electroplated Gold, Nickel and Chrome

          Adjustable 8W                    Non Adjustable 8W                    Non Adjustable 12W                


       DL-22               DL-80                   DL-50                       DL-68-R                    DL-68-S                DL-75-90                 DL-98                   DL-WP-45                DL-WP-65                                


      EXT-40  NEW!           EXT-COB6 NEW!         EXT-COB12 NEW!



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