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Flexible Linear Led Lighting

Our flexible linear led lighting solutions are made to provide longer lengths at moderate to higher brightness
We are specialised in Flexible Linear Led lighting since 2005
Size does matter! Therefore our product line up has a solution for every project you have indoors and outdoors

Maximum load at 24V is 20 meters and 100 meters at 230V

Click on below product pictures to get datasheet in PDF 

230V series

10*23mm  MFN II

24V series not diffused (12V available upon request)

6*9mm                    ML-96 NEW!                                                                                   12*17mm   ML-RGB         

24V series diffused (12V available upon request)
Sideview series

9*15mm    SSN SV NEW!                                                                10*18mm   STN SV NEW!                  11.5*21mm  SMD-3528-SV    11.5*21mm        MFN-SMD SV                                   11.5*21mm  MFN-SMD RGB

Topview series 
16*16mm   MFN-SMD TV                   11*14mm   MN II TV

Aluminium LED Profile
15*17mm   LP-IP68


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